We would like to guide the flow that you request.

We accept the all requests through the contact form on this website or by telephone/fax.
Please use the following procedure to order.
Since all our shipping and delivery rules conform completely to ISO, we promise safe and secure delivery.

Please be free to ask any questions on the contact form for each product or on the general contact form.
The person in charge will contact you by telephone or fax after confirmation of the content.

Drawings are necessary to confirm the condition for production, processing, etc, as well as for the pros and cons of processing.
If no drawings are provided, we cannot accept your request.
So, always provide drawings. Please submit them by fax or by mail.

●For our mailing or shipping address, please click here.

We conduct meetings about matters related to processing as well as the number processed and delivery time.

We will submit the quotation by fax after confirmation of the drawing and processing details.

As soon as we receive the parts from customers, we will begin processing.
However, before shipping the parts, please be careful to ensure that the parts will not be damaged in transit.
Please note that we may refuse to process delivered parts if we notice in the arrival inspection that they are damaged.
So, please pack the parts with extreme care, placing a cushioning material in a package such as wooden box, etc., to protect them.

We would like to be able to ship and deliver the finished parts safely.
Please make ensure that the shipment is made using a sturdy box since we will use the same packing material that the customer used.
We will pack and ship the parts with extreme care when shipping to you.
Please note that we will send them C.O.D. 

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