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Guidance of Mikurodent

We provide a safe and dependable anticorrosive treatment that can be authenticated by its ISO marking.

Mikurodent Co., Ltd is committed to making an effort to protect the environment as well as to improving and controlling quality. We acquired certification for ISO 14001 in August 2007 and ISO 9001 in September 2009. Our ultimate mechanism for the suppression of toxic substances generated by normal plating processes, as well as our improvement and the control of quality, is highly regarded.

The management of the Okamoto & Nabeya group, which will be celebrating the 450th anniversary of the establishment of Mikurodent Co., Ltd., means that Mikurodent Co., Ltd. is 450 years old. As the needs of high performance product increase, we want to provide all of our customers with a product that protects equipment from rust for a very long duration, almost permanently. We will continue to pursue the development of products that can support customers’ safety and trust by superb technology and quality in the future.

A Commitment to Quality and Environment

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